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Mike Nichols Daniel Shaw

Sacred Sound Garden @ Just Yoga

Mike nichols sacred sound

Sacred Sound with Mike Nichols & Daniel Shaw.

Saturday, May 28: 4:30-6:30pm. $40.  Register here with Just Yoga Vancouver

There is a sacred garden inside, full of potential, full of life.  Set your self into conscious vibration and watch it grow.  An afternoon of soulful sounds and healing tones.  Forage thru the earthy sounds of the gong and didgeridoo. Be nourished with Daniel’s powerful healing songs accompanied with crystal and tibetan singing bowls.  This garden will include gentle yin yoga, simple breath work, meditation and healing rest.

About Mike: Mike is passionately inspiring healthy bodies, happy lives and vibrant communities around the world. His personal experience with yoga, meditation & sound has been a journey of infinite potential to develop the body, mind and spirit as one.  Beyond yoga, he has researched the world of microbes and genetics, served as an energy healer, practiced capoeira on the beaches of Brazil and explored the depths of the Amazon. Namasté

About Daniel: Daniel is a Warrior of the Heart and truly a multitalented soul! He has dedicated his life and time to understanding what true healing is, and how to bring that into others experience. Through movement, songs, and introspection you will be guided into connecting with your own inner Warrior.  As when it comes to sharing, it’s really about connecting to the Heart and all the structures that support and help it blossom ;)