About Mike Nichols

Mike is passionately inspiring healthy bodies, happy lives and vibrant communities around the world. His personal experience with yoga and meditation has been a journey of infinite potential to develop the body, mind and spirit as one. He teaches yoga as powerful transformational tool to help reveal our brightest selves so that we may inspire brightness in others and share the abundance of light.

Beyond yoga, Mike has researched the world of microbes and genetics, served as an energy healer, practiced capoeira on the beaches of Brazil and explored the depths of the Amazon, India and Myanmar. Mike's classes are infused with elements of Vinyasa flow, Anusara, Yin, sound healing and energy work. Be ready to go deep, have fun and smile lots!


I work extensively with Tibetan and Crystal singing bowls. The singing bowls are powerful tools to send vibration deep into the body to help release restrictions in the fascia, move energy blocks and emotions and synchronize cellular functions. I use the singing bowls in meditations to help bring the mind into a relaxed and calm state so the body can re-juvenate and re-energize.  I look forward to sharing the sound and space with you.