About Mike Nichols

Mike is passionately inspiring healthy bodies, happy lives and vibrant communities around the world. His personal experience with yoga and meditation has been a journey of infinite potential to develop the body, mind and spirit.

Mikes initial movement into teaching was through the Brazilian martial art of Capoeira in 1999 at the request of his teacher Mestre De Jesus, who also introduced him to yoga.  Yoga became an integral part of his life and he began teaching classes integrating elements from martial arts, meditation, energy work, sound and hatha yoga.  In 2012 he created and began running his 200 hour Certified Yoga Teacher Training, the Fire of Transformation.  Those beings that have influenced Mike’s teachings most significantly are Mestre Gordo, Chris Chavez, Nico Luce, Dharm Kaur Khalsa, SN Goenka and Shine Edgar.

Mike facilitates workshops and teacher trainings throughout Canada as well as his boutique home studio in Vancouver called The Shine Shack. 


Mike works extensively with Tibetan and Crystal singing bowls, The Gong and Mantra. Vibration is a powerful tools to send vibration deep into the body to help release restrictions in the fascia, move energy blocks and emotions and synchronize cellular functions. You will find Mike presenting Sacred sound throughout Canada and USA.

Here is a short video Wanderlust made showcasing his work